I have had the opportunity to be able to play on more than 500 tracks in the last 2 years. I am confident I can get your track to the next level!
: Starts at $50 for a 3 minute track
Timeline: 3-4 days depending on availability


I WILL make your track slam. I can help your song get a modern but still organic sounding vibe to and help it stand out!
Starts at $125 per track
Timeline: 7
-10 days depending on availability


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Lets talk!

Lets chat and figure out exactly how I can get your track sounding like you imagined it !

About Me

Hey there! I am Naman and welcome to Whack Studio! I am a session drummer with over 15 years of playing experience and I would love to help you with the drums on your track.

I have experience playing and programming hundreds of different tracks in genres including Rock, Metal, Progressive, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop and more.

As a session drummer I have only one goal – To make sure your songs get the exact drumming that you have envisioned.

I am sure you would have questions about how the whole process would work, what the pricing is, what I have played on before, etc. and you can find all the information here on the website! Or you can just click on the contact button below and I will be more than happy to answer any queries you have!

Unsure of what I can deliver? Just ask me for a free demo! No strings attached!

Frequently Asked Questions

For Drums

I will play on a 15-30 sec part of your track and send you an mp3 so you can see exactly how your track will sound with my drumming. This gives you a chance to judge before you even purchase the full track!

Just drop me a message along with your track. You can message me on Fiverr or here itself by clicking on Contact Me button above.

Oh yes definitely! I use some brilliant drum libraries which were recorded in some of the best studios in the world. Also, I play on an electronic kit which will ensure you get a track which is played with feel.

I will send you all the files in WAV 24 bit 48000hz unless you have a special requirement.

I understand sometimes one is not able to record on a metronome and I will try to follow the track the best I can. But I do need to tell you that my drumming might not be as tight on it as it would have been with a click.

Just drop me a message and I can work out a custom offer for you!

Don’t worry, I am your man for the job. I have experience playing a lot of metal and prog and would be happy to work on it.

For Mixing

There is no limit! The pricing will change for more number of stems but more stems are not a problem at all. 

Yes I do! Tuning and editing is recommended for most modern styles of music to tighten up the performance.

Yes I do! Let me know how many tracks you have and I can get back to you with a custom quote.

I use Cubase for mixing and Ableton for recording.

Please provide WAV files, 24bit or 32bit, and at the same sample rate your project is at. Also be sure to export stems all starting from the beginning of the session (0:00) so that they remain lined up after importing them into my DAW.

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