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Naman Sachdev

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About Me

Hey there! I am Naman and welcome to Whack Studio! I am a session drummer with over 15 years of playing experience and I would love to help you with the drums on your track.

I have experience playing and programming hundreds of different tracks in genres including Rock, Metal, Progressive, Funk, Pop, Hip Hop and more.

As a session drummer I have only one goal – To make sure your songs get the exact drumming that you have envisioned.

I am sure you would have questions about how the whole process would work, what the pricing is, what I have played on before, etc. and you can find all the information here on the website! Or you can just click on the contact button below and I will be more than happy to answer any queries you have!

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I work in 2 ways! First as a traditional session drummer where you send me your song and I will play on it.

Secondly as a remote band member. Here we will get on zoom calls, figure out the song structure, try different parts and finalize the song together! I won’t just play on a finished guitar track but work with you to plan out the whole song.

Session Drummer

Pricing starts at:
$ 100 Per Song
  • Play on an Existing Track
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Raw and Mixed Drum Track
  • Raw and Mixed Stems

* Pricing above for a track up to 5 minutes. Every additional minute for $10. Midi available as an add on.

Band Member

Pricing starts at:
$ 300 Per Song
  • Zoom Calls and Collaboration to Make a Track From Scratch
  • Create a Track From Scratch
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Raw and Mixed Drum Track
  • Raw and Mixed Stems

* Pricing above for a track up to 5 minutes. Every additional minute for $50. Midi available as an add on.

With each song you get:

Drum Mix

Get a fully mixed drum track you can just slap onto your track and call it a day!

Reference Mix

I also make sure to provide a reference mix so you can hear how my drums sound with the song without you having to import into your DAW.


Mix your track the way YOU want. I provide 10+ stems which include Kick In, Kick Out, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, 3 toms, 2 Overheads, and 3 Rooms.


Would you prefer to use your own Drum VST? I can also deliver a Midi file so you can edit and use any drum software.


Check out some the tracks I have had the pleasure of working on!

What kind of a drum mix can you expect?

Here are a few examples of how your drum mix could sound! Looking for something else? Just hit me up with a reference and I will try my best to get close to that!

But why work with an online session drummer?

Is it really better to work online with a professional drummer?

Save Time and Money

No more scheduling headaches or emptying your wallet for studio time. Instead work with a remote drummer and save both! Make a schedule that works for you, so you can get those drum tracks recorded before you know it.

Professional Sounding Recordings

Do you really want your new album to sound like it was recorded in your neighbours garage? Say goodbye to mediocre drum tracks! I will make sure your drum tracks absolutely slam and are of top-notch quality!

Convenience and Flexibility

You don't have to schedule with a studio, schedule with a local drummer, reach the studio on time, make sure everyone else does too. Nope! Just send everything online. I will make sure the whole process is as convenient as possible, so you get some killer drums without any hassle!

Variety of Genres and Styles

Finding a drummer who is well versed in your style of music and lives nearby is the nightmare you would wish on your enemies. It is just so much easier to find the right drummer online who is proficient in your style of music and can deliver high quality tracks quickly!

Exclusive offer for first time customers

Frequently Asked Questions

I will play on a 30 sec – 1 minute part of your track and send you an mp3 so you can see exactly how your track will sound with my drumming. This gives you a chance to judge before you even purchase the full track!

Just drop me a message along with your track. You can message me on Fiverr or here itself by clicking on Contact Me button above.

Oh yes definitely! I use some brilliant drum libraries which were recorded in some of the best studios in the world. Also, I play on an electronic kit which will ensure you get a track which is played with feel.

I will send you all the files in WAV 24 bit 48000hz unless you have a special requirement.

I understand sometimes one is not able to record on a metronome and I will try to follow the track the best I can. But I do need to tell you that my drumming might not be as tight on it as it would have been with a click.

Just drop me a message and I can work out a custom offer for you!

Don’t worry, I am your man for the job. I have experience playing a lot of metal and prog and would be happy to work on it.

Lets talk!

Lets chat and figure out exactly how I can get your track sounding like you imagined it !

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