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All my YouTube tracks with the HQ WAVs and Midis

The Free Breakdown Essentials Midi Pack

  • Includes 52 kick-ass metal breakdown grooves to get you writing more music
  • Use these in your songs to add energy, add breaks, or help transition between different sections!
  • All original midi grooves for your songs
  • Ideal for writing music for metal genres like Metalcore, Heavy Metal, Modern Metal and a lot more
  • Super simple GM drum mapping. Contains text file with the full mapping for you to use with any VST
  • Fully compatible with any DAW and VST 
  • Played by a real drummer so the grooves retain a real feel and don’t sound robotic
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The YouTube Tracks

I have a lot of metal drum tracks up on YouTube. You can get the HQ WAVs and the MIDIs for all of them.
Some of the tracks are below. You can check out all of them on the YouTube channel.

Legacy Beats Access [This is no longer updated]

I had put out a lot of drum beats/loops and you can download both audio and MIDI files for all of them! The best thing - use them however you want !

Below are some of the beats you will find. You can also find all of them on my YouTube Channel.

Rock Beats

Funk Beats

Latin Beats

Blues Beats

Prog 5/4 Beats

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