The Metalcore Midi Pack Bundle

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This BUNDLE includes 6 midi packs. These are:

Metalcore Essentials
Melodic Intros & Interludes
Hardcore Heavy Metal
Banging Metal Breakdowns
Slamming Metal Intros & Outros
Punk Rock & Metal


  • All original midi grooves
  • Ideal for writing music for a bunch of different metal genres like Metalcore, Heavy Metal and Modern Metal
  • Super simple GM drum mapping. Contains text file with the full mapping for you to use with any VST
  • Fully compatible with any DAW like Ableton, Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Protools, etc
  • Fully compatible with any Drum VST like EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer, GGD etc
  • Played by a real drummer so the grooves retain a real feel and don’t sound robotic
  • Instantly add feel to your songs

Make sure to go through the walkthrough video below to know if these are the right fit for your writing style!

Midi Pack Walkthrough Videos

Metalcore Essentials

Melodic Intros & Interludes

Slamming Metal Intros & Outros

Hardcore Heavy Metal

Banging Metal Breakdowns

Punk Rock and Metal

Frequently Asked Questions

Drum Midi Packs are a set of grooves recorded by a real drummer on an e-kit. These packs usually follow a constant theme and are a great source for speeding up song writing.

There 3 main reasons:

  1. Programmed drums can end up sounding extremely robotic with a machine gun effect. All the Whack Studio midi packs have been played by a real drummer and retain the feel of a real drummer behind a kit
  2. Drum programming can take a huuuge amount of time. That time is better spent making more music instead of clicking individual hits with a mouse!
  3. If you are a guitarist, playing and getting highly creative on the guitar is your forte. Similarly, drumming is my strength. With these midi packs you can get a wide variety of grooves played with a lot of creativity.

First, an audio editing software (DAW) like Cubase, Ableton, etc and second, a Drum VST like EZDrummer, Superior Drummer, GGD or any other.

Yes, they are. The midi packs follow the common GM drum map and can be easily mapped to any drum sampler.

Once you download the midi pack and extract it you will find a text file which has all the mapping.

Once you extract zip file, you will find a folder of midi files. You can easily drag and drop the files into any DAW to use it.

Who Created This?

Hey there! I am Naman and welcome to Whack Studio! I am a session drummer and I have been playing rock and metal for over 15 years now!

I am very passionate about drumming and made these midi packs to be the perfect writing tool for musicians.

If have any questions you can just click on the contact button below and I will be more than happy to answer any queries you have!

Here's What People Are Saying

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  1. KK

    Just downloaded and used it. It’s very easy to use and the description is on point. Great product and I absolutely be buying again from this company.

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  2. CL
    (0) (0)
  3. T

    Great and inspiring grooves !

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  4. B

    Trying to transition from hunting and pecking programming to groove based and these will help some.

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  5. RB

    Nice grooves as always! Naman delivers every time – I recommend!

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