Why Use Premade Metal Drum Tracks?

use pre made metal drum tracks

Why Use Premade Metal Drum Tracks?

use pre made metal drum tracks

Using premade metal drum tracks just makes sense. You save time, you get the feel of a real drummer and a lot more.

So why get into tedious drum programming?

1. Save Time

2-3 hours. That’s how long it could take you to really program a proper drum track which sounds good. This would include making high quality grooves plus getting the velocities right to make it sound realistic and not like a robot.

WHY would you want to do that when you can use pre-made metal drum tracks to save time and just start playing quickly.

2. Played by a Real Drummer

You cannot replace the experience and playing skill a real drummer brings by manually programming drums!

You can of course get close by putting in hours and hours, but won’t really be able to get the consistent inconsistency of a real drummer’s performance.

All drum tracks at Whack Studio are played by a real drummer and retain the velocities and timing of a real performance. At the same time you also get Midi files which give you the option to use your own drum libraries and really tailor the song to your own needs.

3. Inspiration

Different musicians bring in different ideas. By using pre-made drum tracks you can access a ton of different ideas and get inspiration to write more.

It can also be a great starting point for your own compositions.

For example if you are writing a Nu-Metal song you can use the below drum track to churn out new ideas.

4. Quality

Drum libraries are a good place to start and some drum presets can work great for your drum sound but it can take time and experience to make your drum sound really slam hard.

Pre-made drum tracks can provide great, consistent quality throughout and give you access to great sounding tracks without putting in hours of effort.

For example, below is a raw version of a drum track using Superior Drummer and a mixed version.

Raw metal drum recording (Superior Drummer)

Mixed metal drum recording (With additional samples)

5. Variety

You feel like playing rock in the morning and metal in the afternoon?

Well don’t spend time programming, spend time playing. Pre-made drum tracks, like at Whack Studio, are made for a lot of different sub genres of metal and rock. You can get instant access to high quality drum tracks, stems, raw stems as well as the Midi.

Check out all the drum tracks here.

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